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Building Better Financial Futures

Most families are putting away some money for the future.
Errol English


Social Security Administration


… show that out of every 100 Americans that entered the workforce at age 26, by age 65...

  • 25 die
  • 51 have income above the poverty level, but must reduce their standard of living at
  • 20 have an annual income below the poverty
  • Only 4 achieve financial

Most families are putting some money.

Away for the future

  • Social Security payments
  • 401(k) contributions
  • Pension Plans
  • Cash value life insurance policies
  • IRA’s

Why is it that most Americans’ retirement plans fail them?

Unintended Consequences

 Financial experts often set us on the wrong path by employing widely accepted, unquestioned strategies that benefit the IRS and Wall Street at OUR expense. These conventional strategies lead to unintended

If the things you believed to be true weren’t true at all…

 When would you want to know this?

Conventional planning leaves you vulnerable to the uncertainty about how your savings will be taxed at retirement, and leaves your life savings exposed to significant loss when the stock market declines.

If there was a way that you could eliminate

Unnecessary risk and uncertainty from your financial future, would you want to learn more about it?

Annual IRA or 401k Contribution

Tax Savings During Your Earning Years

Annual IRA/401(k) Contribution:                         $2,000

Total for 35 Years                                                $70,000 Assumed Tax

Bracket:                                                               33% Annual Taxes

Deferred                                                             $667

35 Year Tax Savings (Deferral)                            $23,333

Tax Consequences During Your Retirement Years

IRA/401(k) Account Value after 35 Years

(Assume annual deposit of $2,000 and an Interest Rate of 7.5%):       
$ 333,333

7.5% Withdrawal Annually

Annual Tax Bill

$ 25,000

At Retirement Assuming 33% Tax Bracket:

$ 8,333

Tax Bill for Retirement Years (Age 65-85)


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