Final Expenses

Have you experienced the death of a loved one? You understand the pain of final expenses. You are grieving over the passing of someone you cared for deeply. Then you were struck with the high price of burial arrangements.

Weren’t you shocked at the funeral costs?

It wasn’t just the cost of the burial plot either. It was the headstone, the flowers, transportation, the printing of bulletins. There were unexpected medical expenses incurred at the end of life no one ever considered.

Funeral costs in the United States can range anywhere between $8,000-$15,000 depending on your wishes. Once you add a few miscellaneous outstanding debt or medical expenses associated with dying plus some small gifts to your loved ones, you surely can push and exceed $20,000 in end of life costs.

Many Americans don’t have $20,000+ available for their family to use for burial expenses. Unfortunately, families will go into debt by charging large sums of expenses with credit cards to fund their loved one’s funeral arrangements.

The Final Expense policy easily covers these increasing costs.

Final Expense policies are permanent. Don’t let age or health create future anxiety that you will be dropped, or forced to renew it at a much higher rate than you originally agreed to with your agent.

How does final expense insurance work?

It works like most other types of life insurance: there’s an application process and a review/approval process by the insurer. The death benefit is paid to the primary beneficiary once the claim is approved.

Who’s It Best For?

This type of life insurance is best for seniors because of its focus on covering funeral costs and other end-of-life expenses. You may have seen this type of coverage offered as burial insurance for seniors or funeral insurance, but these are the same as final expense insurance.

Final expense is best for seniors because it’s affordable, usually offers a no-medical exam qualification, and can help with planning certain aspects of their final arrangements (choosing a funeral home, flowers, music, etc.).

  • Guaranteed Level Premiums.
  • No Medical Exams.
  • Up to $100,000 in coverage.
  • Coverage that's affordable!